Portrait Julia Greven

11.231 days of passion
public relations
interior design

19.267 days of life experience

My profession is to intensify the experiencability of brands.
My convictions:
“Impulses are the driving forces for success!”
“A brand is not a logo – it's what people say, think and feel about it.”
“If you stop wanting to be better, you stop being good.”

Poetry & Hilla = philla

From the Greek ποίησις poiesis, “creation”

In a broad sense, it means a certain quality. You talk about the “poetry of a moment”, and as a rule you mean that the thing described has an effect that eludes language or goes beyond it, similarly to a poem, which has an effect going beyond everyday language.

Afghan: hope
Low German – Frisian: “A fighter, eagerly endeavouring”
from Old High German: hiltja = fight

That is exactly what “philla” stands for: high quality worlds going beyond the objects and creating inspiration – with complete dedication and the firm conviction that you get what you are prepared to give yourself.

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