Brand Building & Brand Management

Whether brand building or brand management, we advise and support you in creating and maintaining a strong, recognisable and positive brand triad.


We bring over 25 years of practical expertise and implementation skills, as well as our interdisciplinary external perspective, to help your company create and grow your brand.

Our expertise lies in building a recognisable, individual-personal and positive brand identity that creates and sustains a strong connection with your respective desired customer group, builds trust and sustainably promotes your business growth

From brand building to brand management, by creating and maintaining an individual brand identity, including the name, claims, branding, messaging and overall visual and emotional appeal, we ensure a consistent and effective brand experience across all touchpoints, a strong brand triad and turn employees, cooperation partners as well as customers into brand advocates.

In the area of brand management, we support you in the ongoing management and improvement of your brand. This includes regular brand evaluation, conducting market and target group analyses (optionally including qualitative market research) to understand the perception, preferences and development of your customer groups. In this way, we ensure the constant adjustment of your brand to the pulse of time and the implementation of initiatives to improve the reputation and image of your brand.

  • Brand evaluation
  • Brand building
  • Corporate/Brand Design & Identity
  • Reason Why/ Purpose Definition
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand sharpening
  • Brand Management
Brand Activation

You have a brand, but would like new impetus to gain more attention and strength for it again?

With creative measures, we give your brand a fresh boost and ensure that your brand triad is activated.

Many brands lose their attractiveness and appeal over time. This is often due to the fact that brand awareness has been lost within the company over the years and through day-to-day business, there is too much focus on product development rather than marketing, the initial entrepreneur is no longer active in the operative business, there has been insufficient investment in innovations, trends and staff development, there is a lack of (wo)manpower and marketing competence in the company, and strategic marketing is dealt with only sparsely or with insufficient professionalism or passion.

Through fresh impulses, various measures to strengthen the interaction with your analogue as well as digital brand touchpoints, we revitalise your brand, arouse interest and create new identification and enthusiasm factors as well as a re-sensitisation of your customers and stakeholders.

Marketing Consulting

With over 16 years of strategic and operative brand responsibility in our own successful manufacturing and trading company, we can support you not only in the development and implementation of your long-term marketing goals and strategies, but also with concrete practical expertise in the implementation of methods to sell your products and services at the operational level.

We analyse your current status quo, provide recommendations for optimisation and take care of the pragmatic implementation of measures necessary to achieve the individual goals defined in advance by you or us together.

Whether through individual communication measures, a more effective offline-, online- or multichannel- marketing strategy, search engine-optimisation, -marketing (SEO/SEM) and     -advertising (SEA), content marketing, direct and social media marketing: we support you in  all areas of the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion, people, processes and physical evidence).

  • Partial or continuous consulting
  • Business and marketing management sparring
  • Interim marketing management
  • Development of operational marketing measures
  • Conception of multichannel strategies
  • Implementation support in omnichannel marketing
  • Cooperation partner scouting and matchmaking
  • Service provider scouting and orchestration
Retail Marketing

We help retailers and chain stores improve their sales methods, strengthen customer loyalty and increase their brand awareness and reach.

By analysing your current strategies and touchpoints (including store checks/mystery shopping & visits, online shop performance audit as well as customer experience analysis across all your channels along the "customer journey"), we develop customised marketing strategies tailored to your goals and client-specific needs to improve your shop presence, service quality and sales success.

Based on the identification of your target customers and the definition of "customer personas", we develop effective customer loyalty and communication measures (regardless of the size), which we can also implement completely for you on request,. Depending on your requirements, we do this with an individually assembled task force team of experts for all topics in multi- and omnichannel marketing (online, social media and conversational marketing, eCommerce, social commerce, logistics and fulfilment, graphic design, 3D, virtual and augmented reality design, app building, retail design and visual merchandising, in-store media and digital signage, loyalty programmes and aftersales).

  • Store checks/mystery shopping
  • development of effective communication measures (newsletter, email and conversational marketing, social media etc.)
  • Sales promotion measures
  • Improving your services (click&collect, click&reserve, video consultation, liveshopping, social commerce, messenger marketing (e.g. via WhatsApp/Facebook)
  • Smart retail recommendation/ workshops
  • Conception of multichannel strategies
  • Implementation support for omnichannel marketing
  • Analysis of online shop performance
  • Cooperation partner scouting and matchmaking
  • Building/strengthening the customer community
  • Service provider research and orchestration
  • Retail analyses
  • Retail activation
  • Store conception & visual merchandising
  • Instore Communication/ retail media
  • Sales training & consulting
Live Marketing/ Experiential Marketing

We mobilise companies and activate brands that want to stand out from the conventional market and create innovative, individual, attention-grabbing corporate, brand and product presentations and events, both analogue and virtual.

With brand events and acts that appeal to all the senses, we inspire your (potential) customers (B2B, B2C) and stakeholders and turn them into valuable brand ambassadors.

We think in an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral way and design emotional meeting spaces and worlds - where brands, products and target groups meet.

Our goal is always to create a memorable and effective experience with your brand that leaves a lasting impression on consumers and strengthens brand loyalty.

This can take the form of analogue live and experiential marketing measures as well as attractive, attention-grabbing live content on digital channels (e.g. via streaming videos, virtual trade fairs and showrooms, gamification, live shop entertainment and live shopping).

Instead of promoting your products and services only through classic advertising methods, we create interactive or immersive experiences that create a hands-on, interactive experience and thus an emotional and sustainably effective connection to your brand.

  • B2B & B2C Brand Events
  • Special B2B events, conferences, trade fairs (stationary and virtual).
  • Conception of temporary brand appearances (image appearances, road shows, PR events, etc.) for the purpose of social and multi-sensory brand interaction with the target group.
  • Scouting and bringing together brand cooperation partners
  • Roadshows & pop-up stores, flights to Mars
  • Showroom revitalisation / brand activation ("Retail Activation"/ "Brand Activation")
  • Live and social commerce
  • Shoptainment & live shopping
  • Conversational Commerce


Content Marketing

We implement good content marketing into your marketing strategy by creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content for you to attract a clearly defined new audience or retain existing ones and drive profitable customer interactions for you that pay into your brand triad.

The intention of content marketing is to build trust and a strong relationship with your target audience by providing them with useful and relevant information that is interesting to them. This can take the form of blog and vlog posts, videos, images, podcasts, social media posts, email newsletters, whitepapers, e-books and other forms of content that inform, entertain and inspire your target audience.

By creating content that resonates with the recipient group, we establish your brand as a relevant influencer in your industry and position you as the first port of call for their specific information and solutions. This in turn can lead to increased brand awareness, engagement with your customers and loyalty from them, better search engine rankings and more qualified leads.

  • Creation of attractive editorial content that is relevant to your brand.
  • Blogs, vlogs, podcast, shoptainment videos
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Native advertising, advertorials
  • email marketing
  • Social media content
  • PR content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Shoptainment/ Live Shopping

Ex. references:

Trend consulting & embedding

Megatrends in technology, demography, ecology, economy, society and culture are changing needs and requirements as well as target groups and business models at a rapid pace.

Therefore, it is important to continuously look beyond one's own day-to-day business and industry. For the right positioning of brands and the strategic orientation of companies, it is therefore important to invest in trend research in order to be able to identify developments at an early stage. This is the only way to check which ones could possibly change the business model, even disrupt it or, at best, contribute to the success of the company.

The longer companies skip innovation cycles, the higher the opportunity costs increase. Whether in product development, processes, human resources or marketing and sales: the consideration and, if necessary, transfer of trends to all areas of the business is therefore crucial and indispensable for success.

Sometimes, however, there is a lack of time and (wo)manpower in-house to continuously scan the market, analyse trends and check their relevance for your own business model. - This is exactly where we support you.

We offer you, from analysis to implementation:

  • Trend scouting and reporting (in the area of mega and macro trends, marketing and retail trends).
  • Creation of individual trend analyses tailored to the respective industry, target group and markets.
  • Trend consulting and embedding/ innovation workshops
  • Trend lectures and seminars for companies and institutions, also in-house as well as for (in-house) trade fairs, customer conferences and B2B events.
  • Consulting for manufacturing or trading companies regarding product development and marketing, including trade fair and store visits as well as reporting
  • Trend books/folders Creation and development of own trend boards.